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The East African Community (EAC) is an inter-governmental organization mandated by the governments of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda,Uganda and Tanzania to spearhead the East African economic, social and political integration agenda. The areas of cooperation are specified in the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community that entered into force in July 2000.

The regional cooperation and integration envisaged in EAC is broad based. Operationally, EAC uses five year development strategies to facilitate the implementation of the Treaty in a systematic manner. To guide the formulation of the five year development strategies and achieve full development potential for the region, it has now become necessary for the Community to develop a longer term vision – EAC Vision 2050.

The long term perspective enables the region to dove-tail the tactical regional and individual state initiatives into a larger framework for transformation and development and to help in monitoring the progress of the various sectoral
initiatives in a quantifiable manner.

The articulation of long term prospect has focused on identifying policy measures and instruments required to facilitate the formulation of a plausible vision for the Eastern Africa region. The consultations with stakeholder
led to the drafting of a comprehensive set of Country Cases and National Workshop Reports that captured key issues and aspirations as perceived by the citizens and the Partner States.

Is the East African Community a Reality?

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