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Mission And Vision

Mission Statement
To ensure that Ugandans benefit from the East African Community integration

Vision Statement
A prosperous people in a secure federated  East Africa

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Terms of reference (TORs) for the Evaluation of mainstreaming the National Policy on East African Community Integration indicators in Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government

 Background and Rationale

The government of the Republic of Uganda through the Ministry of East African Community Affairs (MEACA) developed the National Policy on EAC integration and subsequently developed mainstreaming indicators for EAC integration agenda across government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs). MEACA is continuing to validate the mainstreaming indicators with the relevant and respective sectors. One year after the launch of the National policy on EAC integration, MEACA seeking the services of a consultant to take stock of the level of mainstreaming in the areas of cooperation under the treaty for the establishment of the EAC in MDAs.

 Purpose of Assignment

The evaluation seeks primarily to be a stock-taking lesson-learning, and forward-looking exercise, rather than purely an assessment of mainstreaming EAC in MDA plans and budgets. It aims to present information about the nature, extent and where possible the effect of defining mainstreaming indicators on EAC and the promotion of EAC integration agenda in MDAs. The emphasis on learning lessons will help MEACA understand what has and what has not worked, as a guide for future planning and engagement with the MDAs.

 The evaluation will address the following specific questions:  

  • To what extent have individual MDAs mainstreamed the EAC integration agenda in line with the policy objectives and strategies?
  • What is the level of mainstreaming of EAC and the allocated financial resources to the EAC integration agenda by MDAs in the Ministerial policy statements of MDAs for 2016/17 FY?
  • What are the critical factors impacting the mainstreaming and implementation of the National Policy on EAC Integration in MDAs?
  • To what extent have key private sector and civil society organizations been engaged and what strategies have they put in place to promote the regional integration agenda.
  • Scope of Work/ Work Assignments:
  • Review the National Policy on EAC Integration together with the monitoring indicators and be abreast with the objectives and strategies under each sector.
  • Review Ministerial policy statements of MDAs for 2016/17 FY to establish level of mainstreaming of EAC in plans and budgets and establish Indicative financial resources allocated to the EAC integration agenda by  MDAs;
  • Establish the extent to which individual MDAs have mainstreamed and promoted the    EAC integration agenda in line with the policy objectives and strategies;
  • Establish critical factors impacting the mainstreaming and implementation of the     National Policy on EAC Integration in MDAs, lessons learnt and propose solutions.
  • Identify key private sector and civil society organizations engendering and supporting the EAC agenda in Uganda.
  • The work will mainly be desk review but visiting MDAs will be essential to gather views and perspectives from them.
  • Estimated duration of contract and work schedule:

Short term consultancy based on agreed time frame of a period not exceeding 8 weeks  

  • Deliverables/End Product(s):

 Key deliverables include:  

  • Inception report indicating work plan and key methods and key evaluation questions
  • A draft report to be presented to MEACA management for validation
  • A report clearly addressing the purpose of the assignment  
  • Reporting structure   

In execution of the assignment, the consultant will report to the Director, EAC Affairs through the head of the policy unit (Principal Policy Analyst). This will be done at every stage of the key deliverables to ensure quality and accuracy.

 The supervisor will ensure proper briefing on the consultancy assignment; provide guidance, advice, supervision and feedback on the deliverables stated in the Terms of Reference and timely delivery of the expected outputs/results.

The supervisor will also guide on the MDAs that will be assessed in the level of mainstreaming. 

Upon completion of contract assignment, the supervisor will certify relevant documents and evaluate the consultant’s work.  

  • Performance indicators

The consultant’s performance will be evaluated against the following criteria: compliance with the terms of reference, guidelines offered,  timeliness, quality and attention to detail.   

  • Consultant’s Work Place

Consultant will undertake the assignment from his own offices using own equipment with regular visits to MEACA offices as and when required to do so.   

  • Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required
    • Post Graduate qualification in a relevant field of study (Economics, Development studies, Monitoring and evaluation, over 5 years relevant experience, demonstrated ability in monitoring and evaluation)
    • Monitoring and evaluation skills with demonstrated ability for logical and analytical      writing
    • Familiarity with regional integration issues and/or issues concerning EAC integration desirable
    • Experience of consulting and working with government, civil society and the private sector 
  • Application process   

Interested consultants are requested to submit an expression of interest of no more than three pages including the following:

  • Outline budget
  • Brief profile detailing experience and track record
  • Curriculum Vitae of the lead consultant  

Expressions of Interest should be submitted to the Procurement and disposal Unit of MEACA not later than Monday  30th May 2016.

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