Political and Legal affairs

Function of the Department is to coordinate and follow up key political and legal matters in Uganda and ensure their implementation in line with the EAC regional integration and harmonization efforts.

The Department is headed by a Commissioner and is responsible for the following functions:

  • Coordinating and following up on matters dealing with the East African Community, Organs and Institutions
  • Foreign Policy Coordination
  • Defence Liaison Coordination
  • Participating in Peace and Security Sectoral Council
  • Coordinating and following up on the implementation of East African Community Policies on travel documents, immigration and crime
  • Coordination and following up on fast tracking of East African Political Federation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation on implementation of decisions of the East African Community Legal and Judicial Sectoral Affairs
  • Liaising and maintaining linkages on good governance issues with Professional bodies like the East African Law Society and East African Local Authorities Association
  • Follow up on outreach and sensitization programs o East African Community
  • Participating in negotiations of protocols